Tolga During tries the Maccaferri “D-Hole” guitar

Tolga During tried out the Maccaferri “D-Hole” guitar with 12-fret neck joint and posted this video for us.

Tolga Gipsy Trio on Alessandro Maccaferri “D-Hole” guitar

Tolga Gipsy Trio playing a studio version of Prince Of Lydia, an original compositionun by Tolga During. The guitar that appears here is an Alessandro Maccaferri “D-Hole” Model.

Antoine Boyer and Tolga During Manouche Trio

Recorded during “Argini e Margini” on 20/06/2015. Tolga During (on the left) is playing an Alessandro Maccaferri guitar “D Hole” model.

Omelyan Popovic plays violin and viola Alessandro Maccaferri

The ucranian violinist Omelyan Popovic has recorded some pieces using a violin and a viola “Stradivari” model by Alessandro Maccaferri .